“Making Paradise Dreams Come True”
               Serving: IL, WI, IN, IA


Aspen Valley Pools Inc. strives on 100% customer satisfaction and will tolerate nothing less! Below is a list of how Aspen Valleys Pools Inc. can  be of service to you.

New Pool And Spa Construction And Design:
We will come to your home or commercial property and help you design and construct your dream paradise oasis.

Full Service Pool and Spa Openings:
We are offer a complete service package for opening up your pool and/or spa.

Full Service Pool And Spa Closings:
We offer a complete service package for closing down your pool and/or spa.

Commercial Services:
Aspen Valley Pools Inc. services institutional, commercial, public and private swimming pools and spas.

Weekly Maintenance Service Plans Include:
Shock Pool, test pH, test cyanuric acid, test alkalinity, clean all rails, clean cartridge filter, backwash sand filters, backwash D.E. filter, inspect heater operation, inspect and fill chemical feeder, test for hardness, test chlorine,  brush down tile lines, steps, pool sides, vacuum pool, empty baskets, skim surface of pool, check and add chemicals, check all water balance,  inspect all equipment, check and set timers and more.

Pool And Spa Repair:

Pump & filter repairs/replacements, pool heater installations/repairs, leak detection and repairs, safety cover installation, automation, diving board replacement, handrail repair/replacement/installation, step ladder repair/replacement, pressure washing, inspect salt generator systems, pool deck re-sealing, tile repair, equipment relocation, fencing repair and lighting.  Basically we can service and repair anything in your backyard paradise oasis.

Pool Remodeling And Re-plastering:

If you have been thinking of repairing or remodeling your swimming pool, you've made a good decision. In-ground swimming pools are not only investments in a home's value, but they are also investments in quality time for families. It is exciting to explore all the wonderful pool and spa remodeling options that Aspen Valley Pools Inc. Pools has to offer. We have a variety of special features available that can bring your backyard back to life.

Aspen Valley Pools Inc. remodeling experts can resurface dull or damaged in-ground swimming pools with new plaster and/or upgrade to natural quartz. The Diamond Quartz accent colors that we use will not rust, rub off or fade like other colored aggregates.  Our coating technology produces a tough, permanently bonded colored aggregate. We can also replace your old tile, add a beautiful water feature or even a new spa, install color lighting, upgrade your old equipment, add new decking and install energy-saving solar heating systems.

Leak Detection:

Water loss and poor water quality are the two biggest issues. Not only does the loss of water present an additional expense, but the water loss also creates a potential for further damage to the structure, deck and equipment. Water quality can suffer if the plumbing system was poorly designed, miscalculated or improperly installed.

If there is any significant observed water loss, contact us immediately to evaluate your pool. Water loss is normal and will occur due to evaporation, wind, splash out, backwashing and will be carried away with swimmers. Any amount greater than 1/2 to 3/4 inch per day should be investigated. Inspections of skimmer throats, tiles, grout lines and filtration equipment can rule out small leaks. The underground pool plumbing can be pressure tested to determine if there is a break in one of the lines. 

We  also check for leaks at pipe penetrations. 

During construction or renovation, the seal between piping and the pool shell needs attention to detail. Creating a penetration through the shell during renovation is best done by core drilling and installing a proper seal. During new construction or other repairs, the piping and light niches should be packed tight with hydraulic cement. Draining the pool should not be performed without some caution. The entire pool could lift, or float out of the ground, due to hydrostatic ground pressure. This upward ground pressure is a factor when the swimming pool is drained.  With enough pressure, it could float the pool out of the ground like a boat in the water. The pool should be equipped with a functional hydrostatic relief valve, to allow ground water to enter the pool and offset the upward lifting force with the weight of the water.

Safety Inspections:
Safety is the single most important aspect when selecting a swimming pool company. We have spent many years developing our safety program. Our goal is to make the pools fun while providing maximum protection for the guests and your family. When it comes to safety at your pool, everyone needs to be involved. Ensuring aquatic safety at your facility is everyone's responsibility.
As your pool company, we are dedicated to communicating our message of safety throughout the operation of your pool. We'll manage gate control, pool rules and staffing requirements to ease your burden and increase your pool success. We will clearly define the rules relating to adult swim periods, toddler non-swimmers and swim tests through our "SwimSafety" program. We explain our operational responsibilities and chemical requirements with our "PoolSafety" program.